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19th March 2020

Skills Forum - Sounds at Sea

How well do you know the various sound signals you might hear at sea? Do
you know what signals you might be expected to sound on your ship's
whistle in various circumstances? Does your ship have a whistle? If yes,
does it operate at the appropriate frequency?

Richard Mitchell will lead a Skills Forum on the topic of sound signals.
If the technology all works, there'll be sounds to interpret. There'll
also be a short quiz at the end, just for fun, and Richard will give you
a crib sheet to take home, but not until after the quiz!

28th March 2020

Commisioning Supper

Regular event to start off the season.

Venue TBA

29th March 2020

Frostbite competative cruise

Portobello Buoy to Fisherman's Bay Outfall or visa versa depending on wind direction. Start/finish line will be due south of the light house on the breakwater with an outer distance mark of half a mile. Start time c10:30am and countdown will be on channel 73. HW NH 14:45.

Weather dependant

11th April 2020

Easter Rally to Eastbourne

HW EB 15:05. Sat PM: Dinner in SHYC

Sun AM: Sovereign Tower competitive cruising event for the Gannet Cup

Weather dependant

8th May 2020

Littlehampton Rally

High water at Littlehampton 13:30. Suggested departure time from LH 1.5hrs before HW.

Weather dependant - Option to join BMYC on Dieppe Dash.

23rd May 2020

Langstone Harbour Rally

High water at Southsea Marina 12.50 but first choice would be to anchor in the harbour. Alternative if weather unsuitable - Emsworth.

Weather dependant - Option to join SYC on Royal Escape.

June / July 2020 

Summer Rally - No destination agreed

We will set up group chat and post our individual plans if we would be happy for others to join us on all or part of the trips. If you would like your name added to the group contact

17th July 2020

Cowes - Wight Proms

Once pre-sale tickets become available we will advise and decide if we can go as a rally to Cowes / Island Harbour/ Folly. 

Weather dependant

14th August 2020

Southampton Mayflower Maritime Festival - Swanwick Marina

For information only - 

Weather dependant

15th August

Eastbourne Air Show

Sat PM: Anchor in Eastbourne Bay and watch the air show.  Stay in Sovereign Harbour o/n. 

Weather dependant

29th August 2020


Fecamp, departing from home berths, meeting en route. If weather unsuitable poss. Solent/IOW

Weather dependant - Option to join SYC to St Valery

12th September 2020

Brighton Rally

Those who have home berths in Brighton to sail out to meet with the Rally at the Windfarm.

PM: Dinner in BMYC

Weather dependant

7th November 2020


Details to follow.

8th November 2020

Remembrance Sunday

Sun AM: RNLI sea service

Newhaven Harbour entrance.

Event postponed due to Covid-19

Event cancelled due to Covid-19

Event postponed due to Covid-19

Event postponed due to Covid-19

Event cancelled due to Covid-19

Event cancelled due to Covid-19

Event cancelled due to Covid-19

Event cancelled due to Covid-19

Event cancelled due to Covid-19

Event cancelled due to Covid-19

Event cancelled due to Covid-19

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7th March 2020

visit to Newhaven Port Office

Newhaven Port Office

22nd February 2020

Matt & Jackie’s talk on their cruise through the French canals to the Med

20th February 2020

Visit to Newhaven Lifeboat

Newhaven RNLI

20th January 2020

Skills Forum - Rally Planning

18th January 2020

Quiz night

14th December 2019

Commodores Christmas Party

9th November 2019

AGM & Laying Up Supper

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