NYC Trophy Qualification Rules 2019 Season

Tapping Cup – 7 Ports Trophy

The qualifying ports for the 2019 season are as follows:-

Any 7 * of the following 8  :-

  • Sovereign Harbour
  • Littlehampton
  • Chichester (any one marina)
  • Bembridge
  • Portsmouth Harbour (any one marina)
  • The Medina river (any one marina)
  • One of either Lymington or Yarmouth

The  8th port can be either:-

  • Any port West of the Needles
  • Any port East of Eastbourne
  • or a night at anchor.

*  home berth ports do not count.

Should more than one skipper have visited 7 of the listed ports in the season the 8th port will be counted as a decider. In the event of a tie, the skipper to have achieved 7 ports first will be the winner.