NYC Trophy Qualification Rules 2017 Season

Tapping Cup – 7 Ports Trophy

The qualifying ports for the 2017 season have been changed as it’s unlikely many skippers will make Rye following the demise of the annual festival.

The revised ports are any 7 *of the following 8  :-

  • Sovereign Harbour
  • Littlehampton
  • Chichester (any one marina)
  • Bembridge
  • Portsmouth Harbour (any one marina)
  • The Medina river (any one marina)
  • One of either Lymington or Yarmouth

The  8th port can be either:-

  • Any port West of the Needles
  • Any port East of Eastbourne
  • or a night at anchor.

*  home berth ports do not count.

Should more than one skipper have visited 7 of the listed ports in the season the 8th port will be counted as a decider. In the event of a tie, the skipper to have achieved 7 ports first will be the winner.