About NYC

About Newhaven Yacht Club
Newhaven Yacht Club was re-formed in 2000 by Irvine Parrot (Yacht Jasmin), and a group of keen fellow sailors who were keen to get some club activities going for the yachtmen of Newhaven. Yachtsmen, as far as NYC is concerned, includes yachties, motor-boaters, squib sailors, and anyone who generally potters about in boats.

Hunky Dory

The club was first based over Gary Chabot’s workshop, by C Jetty. An old buidling kindly offered by John Stirling, the Newhaven Marina Manager. With Irvine driving up the enthusiasm, club membership grew, and the clubroom was fitted out with a bar and cooking facilities. With a bit of beg, borrow and ….., carpet, tables and chairs were acquired, and with a lick of paint, and some old sails to hang from the ceiling, the clubroom was in business.

Many entertaining, and informative functions were held over the years, but sadly we lost the use of the room when the site was purchased in 2004 for development. We then managed to operate from the function room of The Harbourside Hotel, opposite the Marina, until January 2008 when we moved to our present home – Riverside Hall, Riverside Road, where we meet for Autumn, Winter and Spring events. Sailing events include rallies along the coast and across channel, – see Our Events Page for a full list of our events.

Benefits of membership
Benefits for skippers include use of equipment purchased by the Club, such as the Power Washer for cleaning off the boat when ashore, and a Brizo Hull Scrubber which is used to clean the hull while the boat is still afloat. We now also have available some Mast Climbing equipment, which will make it easier for you to get up and down the mast without the need to exhaust the crew. Other useful equipment will be purchased in the near future with the aim of helping to reduce your boat maintenance costs.
For newcomers to sailing, we provide a Buddy Sailing Scheme which is aimed at getting you started on the water, and if yachting proves to be your thing, then regular crewing opportunities may become possible.